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Note! We recommend our online booking (see the menu) to view prices - and also, if you like, to book cabins or rooms!


For accommodation in a cabin for 1 night (not online bookable) we have the following prices:

Solbu: 1750 for 2-5 persons, 1880 for 6-7 persons

Midbu: 1750 for 2-5 persons, 1880 for 6-8 persons

Kårbu: 1570 for 2-3 persons, 1700 for 4-5 persons

Note that the daily rate is reduced when you book for several days - check our online booking for prices.

End cleaning is included in the price for the cabins.

Guests can either bring their own bed linen (but no sleeping bags, please), or you can order ready-made beds + towels for NOK 180,- per bed.

Please contact us for an offer if you need a cabin for just 1 person.


Our room prices are as follows:

Single rom: 1000 per night

Double or twin room: 1220 per night

Triple room (3 single beds): 1440 per night

Ready-made beds & towels are included in the price for the rooms.
If you want breakfast, there is an additional charge of 200,- per person.

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