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How to get here


Gunnabuda is located in the village Longva on the island Flemsøy/Skuløy north of Ålesund. On the Norwegian west coast, this is about in the middle between Trondheim and Bergen.

Arriving by car

If you are driving from Oslo, the fastest way here is to go through Lillehammer, Dombås, and Åndalsnes, and from Åndalsnes on the main road in the direction of Ålesund. You should leave this road about 5 km after you've passed the village Sjøholt - then follow the signs in the direction of Brattvåg. When you get to Tennfjord, still follow the signs in the direction of Brattvåg - but after another 2 km, leave this road and follow the signs in the direction of Søvik (the fastest way is to go through Søvik - not Brattvåg - but both are possible routes).

To get here, you need to take the car ferry from Skjelten. Skjelten is located between the villages Brattvåg og Søvik, check out the ferry schedule.

On the ferry you will have to tell the crew where you are getting off the ferry (because the ferry stops at two islands) - and you are getting off at Austnes on the island Haramsøy.

When you get off the ferry, follow the signs in the direction of "Rogne". The road takes you past the old fishing village Ulla, and the over the bridge to Flemsøya. You still follow the signs in the direction of "Rogne", and after about 2km your will pass Flem skule (the local school) on your left hand - then the road divides in an upper and a lower road; you should take the lower road to the right (closer to the water). After another 1,5 km you turn right down the road leading to Longva Servicesenter (gas station & kiosk) - you get to Gunnabuda by taking the small road to the left right before Longva Servicesenter.

The driving time from Austnes (where the ferry arrives) to Gunnabuda is about 15 minutes.


Travel from Ålesund airport

Take a taxi from the airport to Roald harbour (5 minutes ride) og from ther take the taxi boat directly to Gunnabuda.
You have to book the taxi boat; the phone number of "Øyskyss" is +47-91305313.
Alternatively, you can take the airport bus to Ålesund og the passenger boat from there (read the following section).

Without a car from Ålesund

There is a very comfortable passenger boat going from the Skateflua boat terminal in the middle of Ålesund. The boat has several stops before it arrives in Austnes after about 50 minutes - check out the passenger boat schedule here.
From Austnes there is a bus going to Longva. NB! There is no bus service on Saturdays & Sundays + late in the evening. 
Bus schedules can be found here.

Group travel

Groups who need common transport can either arrive by bys or by boat. Smaller passenger boats can go directly to Gunnabuda's harbour, larger boats can come alongside the dock 100 meters from Gunnabuda. 
Here are some of the local transporting companies:

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