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Nordøyane excursions


Nordøyane - the "North Islands" is the name of the row of islands north of Ålesund, from Godøya in the south to Ona in the north. The southernmost islands have long had a road connection with Ålesund via bridges and tunnels.

Here, we'd like to present briefly the northernmost islands - an entirely new chapter started here with the opening of the road Nordøyvegen in 2022.

This new road has strengthened the ties between the islands, and it makes excursions to neigbouring islands fast and easy - you can go between the islands by car or by bus.

Haramsøya and Flemsøy/Skuløy

The islands Haramsøya og Flemsøy/Skuløy (with Gunnabuda) were connected by the Ullasund bridge over 50 years ago, and are therefore our traditional "local" community. Read more about these islands here.  


Lepsøya is the southernmost island.From the mainland, you reach Lepsøya via the Lepsøybrua high bridge.
To get to Lepsøya from Gunnabuda, you will first have to drive southwards to Haramsøy, and from there via the underwater tinnel and smaller bridges to Lepsøya.


The island Fjørtofta is now only a 10 minute drive from Gunnabuda, northwards through the Nogvafjord tunnel. The island is rather flat, but can offer soem nice hikes, especially towards the ocean to the west.


Harøya is the next island to the north, from Fjørtofta through the Fjørtoftfjord tunnel. The island can offer well prepared hiking paths and formidable views.


Island Finnøya is reached via a narrow bridge from the northern tip of Harøya. The island offers a small water park with ocean views, and a ferry pier for the ferry to take you further north.

Other islands

From the ferry pier in Finnøya you can take a ferry to the small islands Sandøya, Ona and Orta - and to the larger island Gossa. The small islands are well woth a visit!


Several hiking tips: mountain Goaldet (490 meters), the rock shelter Rønstadhellaren, and "Eventyrskogen" (the adventure forest) for  for families with children.


On Fjørtoft you can for instance hike to Fjørtoftneset to the west.


You can hike on mountain Harøyburet, visit the idyllig Morsundet sound, or go to Finnøya for a swim in water park "Håp i Havet" 

Sandøya and Ona

Go by ferry to islands  Sandøya and Ona. The islands are small, so there is no need to bring the car - the ferry ticket is free for pedestrians!

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