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Viking life 

31/5-2021: Our viking boat "Langvin" was sold to the activity park Ornavik in Normandie, France. So, we can no longer offer tours with this boat.

--- This is how we used it, while we had the boat in Longva

Our viking boat "Langvin" was built according to old boatbuilding traditions in the valley Bjørkedalen. It is 36 feet long and weighs about 1500 kg.

The boat is er equipped with 10 oars and has enough room for up to 15 vikings.
Why not come along for a trip on the fjord to get that genuine viking feeling?
In general you should be at least 4 persons to be able to row the boat - our captain will come along, of course!

Viking package

Our "Viking package" has become quite popular with groups - any group with at least 10 persons can book this package. All participants are given "viking costumes" to put on and can then engage in different activities.

The viking package consists of:

  • trip with the viking ship (we take several trips for larger groups)
  • bow & arrow shooting
  • kubb: an ancient viking game involving throwing of sticks - two teams play against eachother
  • baking viking bread over an open fire





This is a viking game with wooden sticks, originally from Gotland in Sweden. Don't worry - we'll instruct you.

Viking bread


Bake the breads over an open fire - the bread recipe is reconstructed based on findings during excavations of a viking settlement! And it tastes good!

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